Tips on choosing a sofa that’s just for you.



When it comes to choosing the perfect sofa for your home, only you are best to make that decision. I could talk all day about how and why you should buy a certain sofa that’s best for you, but if it’s not your cup of tea and you don’t really know what is, you could do with some advice.

So here are some tips on how to choose your sofa to accessorise your house and style perfectly, ensuring you get the home you’ve always wanted.

When it comes to choosing the sofa it’s more complicated than you might think. There’s a lot to consider: Colour, leg shape, arm style, back style, size and where in your home your new sofa will live.

Cavendish Upholstery Fabric.jpegColour – when choosing the colour you’ve got to think what will be the focal point in the room? If the answer is the sofa itself, choose a daring colour that screams your individuality and style, make them bright and make them bold.  But maybe that doesn’t quiet appeal to you, and you want a more relaxed feel to your home, neutrals are perfect for this. They allow a sophisticated feel to the room, and give an almost carelessness to style (even though you’ve spent hours and hours choosing the perfect shade of beige, but shh we won’t tell). You could always add colour in with the scatter cushions. Let’s not forget about pattern, if a bold colour isn’t what you fancy and plain neutrals are a little too basic, choosing a pattern fabric will really bring the best of both worlds. The individuality of a bright bold colour, with the ease of a neutral. Whichever you decided make sure it’s right for you and your home for now and years to come.

Legs – now legs might not be something you’d usually consider when looking at sofas but they can make all the difference. Light wood, dark wood, chrome, tall leg, castor (wheeled), each give a totally different appearance and vibe to the exact same sofa. It’s worth noticing the legs as this can turn an alright sofa into the right sofa.

Arm style – do you want a sofa that will allow you to sit up right or lounge the day away. The arms can make a huge difference in this. To name a few there is curved, square, flared arms. They all give a totally different feel to the sofa. It’s worth looking up which style you prefer on an online site such as Pinterest. You could take a look at our Pinterest page here.

Back style – high back, pillow back or fixed back? This is what you have to ask yourself. two sofasPillow backs are as described, the back is covered in large pillows, it’s all about the look, so more relaxed.  High backs are traditional and allow maximum support. Once again this depends on the support you are looking for and the look, which is more formal. Then there is fixed back sofas, this is where the back is fully upholstered and provides most of the support without either pillow of high back cushions, they are usually supplied with smaller scatters, but you might want to add some of your own to create a personal look. Whilst your looking at the arm styles on our Pinterest page make a note on which back styles you like.

Where will the sofa/s be in your home? Lounge, conservatory, study, bedroom? Think about the space that will be needed, the way the sofa will face, how many sofas are needed? All these questions need to be thought through before deciding on what size of a sofa you want. grab the old measuring tape out of the draw and get measuring the space you have available. You could mark this area down with some masking tape as a visual representation of the area that is soon to be filled. Oh and whilst you’ve got the measuring tape out, give the door a measure, you don’t want to buy a sofa that can’t fit through.

Size – Chair, Cuddle Chair, 2 seater, 3 seater, 4 seater, corner to name a few. You know what these all are so no need to explain, just make sure you have the correct space in your home for the sizes of sofas you require.

So that’s it, our tips on what to think about when buying your perfect sofa. As an investment piece you want to make the right decisions when buying. We hope we have provided some insight into how to make the decision.

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Happy Sofa shopping

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