Bonjour little one…

We’ve got some exciting news coming over on Amazon soon, but we thought we’d let you know first! Launching soon will be our Paris Footstool, you can see it in the image above, isn’t it cute.

Our Paris Footstool is made with love and care, perfect for your feet giving them the well deserved rest they need. As busy hard working people, we all want to relax at the end of the day, and what better way to do so then putting your feet up.

Made with beautiful fabric and solid hard wood frame this little guy can help you unwind your evening away in style. Available in two different fabrics and 8 colours this piece can be placed in any home, any time, adding something extra to your living space and your life.

We’ll let you know once it has launched on Amazon, meanwhile why don’t you have a look at our other collections on Amazon HERE.

Au Revoir,


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