The Sofa Hobby

So it summer, everyone is either outside sunbathing  or out in the beer garden having the time of their lives, but what to do after the summer has gone? The cold nights return and you are stuck inside… it’s time to start planning your sofa hobby.  Plus if you start now you will be a pro by Autumn and Winter, so here is a list of some Sofa Hobby ideas to help you find the perfect hobby for you.




If you fancy joining millions of people on the online gaming world now is a great time. With plenty of games to choose from you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you. Have a look on here they have some great tips to get you started.




Remember when you’d go to visit your grandma and she’d be busy knitting away? If so, she was one cool grandma! Making a comeback is knitting, sewing, crocheting, embroidery and all other different types of needlework. It is a great way to get create and actually make something. YouTube has lots of tutorials and how to’s on all types of creative outlets including all types of needlework, it’s worth having a look, you’ll be making all your friends their Christmas jumpers in no time.




Writing is a great hobby to have, not only is it creative but also very gratifying to know you’ve completed something you’ve probably thought about doing for a while now. If not a novel maybe take up blogging, again its very satisfying writing about things you are passionate about; that may be fashion and beauty, travel, food or even a personal diary of your day to day life. Sites like wordpress and are great free sites that let you blog with ease. No need to code or any inside information, you simply choose a theme and topic and away you go.


Learning a new language


Learning a new language can be hard, you need time, patience and practice to fully grasp this hobby. Trying apps like Duolingo are great fun way to learn a new language. With many different languages to choose from, you can even learn multiple languages (if you can hack it), that way you will be a professional food orderer next time you’re on your jollies.


Learn an instrument


Learning an instrument was one of them things we all did as a kid, in school or by our parents, which usually ended in you giving up or just losing interest, but as we get older less people decide to take the time to learn a new instrument, which shouldn’t be the case.  Learning a new instrument is great, it could be something small like an Ocarina or larger like a Guitar. YouTube again is a great place to learn with how tos and step by step guides.




Photos, gig tickets, receipts from your first date, all little things you like to keep hold of as they bring back great memories, now is the time to collect and collate. By starting a scrapbook you can have all your memories in one place displayed how you like. The benefits of scrapbooking is that not only is it a fun and creative outlet but it allows you to keep these treasured memories protected in a cover, meaning they will last a lot longer for your friend, family and even future generations to gaze over, learning more about you and your memories. Scrapbooking is simple; you can either buy a purpose made scrapbook or just create your own using a notepad and decorating it yourself. Have a look on hobby craft for some inspiration to get you started.


Board game

board game

Whether it be a board game with friends and family, learning a skilled game like chess or just a crossword from the newspaper; playing games can be a social or solo event and a great way to pass the time. Here’s Amazons best selling board games for you and the kids.


Read a book


Finally sit down and read that book you’ve been putting off, or that suggestion your friend keeps telling you “you have to give it a read”.  Give yourself the time and opportunity to actually do it. If you need motivation to get started or help finding the right book try going on Goodreads for reading communities and recommendations. You can download it as an app for free so you can look up suggestions all the time via your Smartphone and get to reading on the sofa when you get home.




This one goes without saying but movies are really great to watch on the sofa. Why not take it a step further and watch all those classics people always make reference to. Here is a great list of all the must watch films with IMDB (internet movie database) top 250, you can browse through and find them films you’ve always wanted to watch.




Breathe in annddd out, getting into meditation can help you in all walks of life. It is well known to be good for the body and soul but also helps you; sleep better, focus more, stress less and listen better to name a few. Apps such as Headspace can talk you through meditation, helping you learn the skills to take part fully.




Drawing is a great pass time, becoming more and more popular are colouring books. Available in most shops you can find books they are a fun hobby to get into. Here are some great options on the Waterstones website . This hobby is similar to meditation as it helps you unwind your day away and relax. Give it a go.


But if you’ve decided you don’t fancy taking up one of the great sofa hobby options we’ve provided, you could always just having your friends round for a cheese and wine night or a brew will also suffice.

Happy Sofa Hobbying

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