Autumn’s here, is you home ready?

The time of year has come at last. Personally autumn is my favourite season, not only because it’s sweater weather (and who doesn’t love a good layered outfit) but also because of the snugly nights ahead sat on the sofa with a hot chocolate in hand.  I… can… not… wait! But for every autumn lover there are those that crave for the summer sun to stick around that little bit longer. No matter what your seasonal preferences you can always kick off the season with adding some little changes around your home. They don’t have to be big changes but will give your home a warm feel, easing you into the colder winter months that are just around the corner.

Candles for Autumn

When I picture autumn I imagine warm evenings spent close to the fire with a few seasonal scented candles scattered around the room. Not only are they effective in adding an atmosphere but are also cost effective, so you can try out different scents to find the perfect one for your autumnal scent of the year.

Wrap up in a blanket this Autumn

To make the most of the season add some blankets and throws into your room. In different textures and colours. The same can be said for textured cushions; faux fur, velvet and possibly a woollen knit. All mix up the textures and colours for an on trend look this season.

faux fur rug

A faux fur rug not only looks chic but is very practical. There is nothing worse that waking up to have to put your feet down on a cold wooden floor, a faux fur rug can solve this with maximum comfort included. They can also be used to drape over your sofa for effortless style in your room.

Hot cocoa

Or any other warm beverage will do, choose your favourite mug and get cosy on the sofa. (side note – If you want to go and purchase your hot drink from a well known coffee chain, get the hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut, cream and cinnamon on top, you world will change forever.)

little extra touches
Flowers, fruit and nuts can all be added around you home to add an extra feel of the season. Make sure you use rich tones and darker colours for flowers. With fruit you could use apples, pears and even pumpkins (not just for Halloween you know). Have them presented in small bowls, possibly with hay to bring added texture to your room.

autumnal colour palette

Autumnal tones of course; greens, burnt orange, mustard yellow, but also this season a hot trend is grey mixed up with warmer pink accents, it’s up to you.

Once all of these have been added to your room you will be set and ready for the season, why not invite your friends over to show off your style and seasonality, i bet they’ll be a little jealous of your fabulous home.

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