All you need to know for Black Friday

It’s that time of the year when deals are everywhere just in time for Christmas, but this year have you noticed the deals are coming through a little early. Beat the crowds by getting your must haves earlier than the rest. Amazon are doing some great deals leading up to Black Friday, not only does this mean  you can get great offers now but more importantly you won’t be waiting in a queue or panic buying on the day. Here’s the link to all of our sofas on Black Friday deals  or click on the collection image you like below…

Richmond Sofa

Richmond Collection

Opal Sofa

Opal Collection

Marco Sofa

Marco Collection

Benfield Sofa

Benfield Collection

Cambridge Sofa

Cambridge Collection

Now on to the Black Friday success tips…

plan ahead

Know what you are going to purchase rather than panic buy. Think ahead, have a look whats already out there on offer and what is not. This will give you a pretty good idea what will be in the Black Friday sales on the day.

write a list

You don’t have to keep strictly to this list but it will come in handy. Make sure you know what, from where and how much you are willing to spend. This will truly maximise your chances of bagging the deals you really want.

join the mailing list

 I know they might be annoying filling up your inboxes, but the benefits outweigh the negatives in my opinion. Mailing lists are a great way to find out what is going to be on offer, you can get deals all year round not just Black Friday and special deals for being on the mailing list.

get an early start

Don’t forget it’s just brick and mortar shops that open at 9 a.m, online is 24/7, this means that you can bag your deals starting midnight. Get in there early for guaranteed purchases.

sit back and relax

The main tips however that I can provide is to be sensible by sitting back in your lovely sofa, relax and buy the deals via your device. There’s no need to make shopping stressful so take the stress away by shopping on your sofa.

Well done for planning ahead,

Happy Shopping

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