It’s a New Year lets get hygge!

So you may have heard this term floating around as of late, it’s a Danish term all about the cosines of home and mind. With no direct translation into English the best way to describe it is to create a place you want to come home to, with cosy textures and colours that relax the mind and soul.

It may be a new year and a new you but this is a trend that will ensure your transition into 2017 is a successful one. Here are a few ways to get your home in the hygge vibe.

When you think about a relaxing space which colours come to mind? It probably won’t be bright pink or flashy gold. Use soft welcoming colours that can allow you to relax the night away in serenity, like soft blues and monochrome tones.

Clutter free living is the way, this isn’t to say hygge means minimalistic, you can still fill your home with things you love but it must all keep within a tranquil and peaceful space.

 By adding different textures to the room can fill it with warmth and make it a place perfect for hibernation. Use big fluffy throws, cushions and rug, pair these cashmere and wool. But texture doesn’t just have to be found in the soft furnishing, it can also be found in accessories throughout the room. Light wooden picture frames teamed close to copper edged mirror for example. The play in textures create a place for the mind to wonder into a world of imagination.

We can talk all day about designing a home that is perfect on paper but lets face facts, it needs to be a practical place for you to live in. This bodes well with the hygge concept as practicality leads to home comforts. Small spaces  designed with a purpose, such as a reading nook, a place designed specifically to talk with friends or practice Fika (to sit and drink a warm drink whilst reflecting on life, pondering and refuelling) not to watch TV as many of us have become accustomed to.

Once you have achieved your hygge home you can create an atmosphere with candle light or fairy lights. Once this is done all you need is a hygge friendly hobby like, crafting, knitting, cooking or even yoga.

Not only will your mind and body thank you for your new hygge life but your home will too.

Happy hyggeing


Cavendish Upholstery