Easy Acts of Kindness you can do today.

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, a day dedicated to being a little kinder to all those around you. That’s not to say you aren’t already kind, but lets give you some ideas of ways to be extra kind today:

Donating – It’s almost spring so why not do your spring cleaning a little early, gather the items you no longer want or use, see what acceptable to donate and head on down to a charity of your choice. Kindness is in the gift of giving.

Cooking – why not invite the friends over and take the hassle of cooking away with a meal prepared by you with all the trimmings. Make it extra personal by making their favourite dish or keeping any dietary requirements in mind.

Neighbours – the days of yesteryear when people knew all their neighbours and would pop over for a brew or two. Today we are less social with those on the other side of the wall, but who says this is they way is has to be? Go round and introduce yourself. When you see them off to their car give them a wave and a little hello. You never know the next time you need a cup of sugar they might be little more willing to provide.

Family – Be present! Today lots of people are on their devices for extended amounts of time, we aren’t saying you shouldn’t go log on (I mean how else would you keep up to date with all of products) but when it’s family time, the phones away, tablets down and other devices are off.

Letter –Leave a few little notes around for people. This is such a simple way to spread a little kindness that only takes minutes to prepare. Grab your favourite style of sticky notes and get to writing. Think of where you can place these for people to see; in your home, in a loved ones lunch box, somewhere on your daily commute to work, in the office etc. Leave a little message that will fill someone with a little bit of joy, it will make their day.

Environment –  Be kind to the environment by being conscious of what you purchase with extra packaging. Sometimes it is unenviable that products will come with extra packaging so recycle when you can, but you can also take steps to reduce you’re the amount you use! For example by buying a reusable water bottle you won’t be throwing away a plastic bottle every time you drink, just fill up and your good to go. Buying from local markets is also a great way to reduce waste as these usually come with little packaging. Bring your own bag to fill up your supply of fruit and veg and hey presto, less waste.

Just for you –Just laugh. This sounds like a basic task we all partake in day to day but why not do it more. Laughter is great for you not just socially but for your health too. Did you know laughter helps relieve stress and physical tension. That means your overall well being is better when you laugh.

But lets face it, the best way to be kind is when you’re not thinking too much about it. So whether it’s letting someone ahead of you in a queue, opening a door for a stranger or picking up some rubbish, let the kindness out and you’ll feel fantastic in return.

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day

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