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Who are we

Sofas are simply what we do best, we design and make furniture for your home providing both style and comfort. Cavendish sofas are made with high quality materials here onsite in Chorley Lancashire, using expert craftsmanship and knowledge passed down over our 40 years of designing and manufacturing. We only design and make sofas we would want to see in our own homes, so be assured the end product is a sofa that is pleasing to both eyes and your derrière.

Cavendish Upholstery Opal sofa

Learn more about Cavendish and our history below.

Here’s a bit more of the nitty gritty info

The Cavendish mission statement is “To supply, on time, a high quality, comfortable and value for money sofa which exceeds the customer’s expectation”

Using only the finest materials we are proud to produce sofas that are safe and durable for your home. We batch test all our fabrics for FR compliance and our frames carry an impressive 10 year guarantee, based on our rigorous destruction testing.

10 year frame guarantee

We pride ourselves on producing a high quality, comfortable and fit for purpose product, if in the unlikely event you should need any assistance we will deal with it promptly and efficiently, and if we are at fault ensure you get a new sofa free of charge with no quibble.

Our parent company Airsprung Beds is the senior bedding brand in the UK, and is over 140 years old. The group turnover is over £50m and is almost everything we make is delivered to British consumers.

Where to find our lovely sofas you ask?

Our customers include many leading British retailers including:

Where to find our lovely sofas - Amazon, Very, SCS, Argos, Litllewoods, Worldstores and Beales

We deliver all our products on time, every time, to accurately timed arrangements, our fast track sofas are with the consumer within 10 days of ordering. Contact our enquiries team if you need more information on where to find our divine sofas.

A little history lesson

Starting in the 1970’s Cavendish began life at the old Cowling Mill in Chorley Lancashire by John Henscher, with only a handful of skilled craftsmen and artisans he started the legacy we have today.

In 1987 we became a part of the Airsprung Beds family, the senior bedding brand in the UK with over 140 years trading to its name.

Airspung logo

Fast forward to today and the company has grown to its current size with some of the leading British retailers as customers. We pride ourselves with being a part of British Furniture  Manufacturers( BFM), making safe and reliable furniture. We are honoured to be a member of FIRA, the leading British furniture industry research and testing facility.

The future is bright for Cavendish Upholstery with our design and development teams working constantly to provide the very best in comfort and style for your home.

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